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Opel CID Video Interface


The product has the invoice (included V.A.T 19%) and 2 years warranty.

CIDVi-AH/VC - Opel & Vauxhall CID Video Interface


The CIDVI-AH/VC unit is an interface adaptor for Opel wide16:9 CID (Color Info Display) OEM available in car providing video input auxiliary

This adaptor is a professional and quality product that allows you to integrate an external Video source to your cars factory fitted CID Screen. Once connected it gives you the ability to connect an In car DVD player, iPod Video, CarPC, DVB-T TV Tuner, Rear View Camera, Car Navigation GPS etc to keep your passengers entertained.

The KIT is available with two years warranty. Each device is beging tested before shipment. After you receive the KIT, we'll assist you through mail or chat to install and configure the interface. We'll guaranty you a professional customer support, answering in the same day and doing all our best to get the interface running well in your car

Features and Capabilities
-Compatible to CID available for Vectra C / Signum / Astra H / Zafira B / Corsa C / Corsa D/ Antara / Meriva A / Vivaro connected to the following entertainment head units: CD30, CD30 MP3, CD50 Phono, CDC40 Opera, CD70 Navi, DVD90 Navi and DVD100 Navi.
-Watch any Video source on your original Factory fitted CID Screen
-The interface accepts CVBS/FBAS (composite) analog input or S-video analog input, up to three CVBS inputs or one S-video input.
-NTSC and PAL TV system compatibility for AstraH/ZafiraB/CorsaD/Antara. NTSC (M, 4.34) and PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, N combination), PAL (60) with automatic format detection.
-Only NTSC system compatibility for VectraC/Signum/MerivaA/CorsaC/Vivaro
-Wide 16:9 image format.
-Digital Video processor providing high quality picture.
-Image control: three preset modes and one user defined mode with independent programmable hue, brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness for either composite and S-Video signals.
-Automatic detection of video input signals. Blue screen for video inputs without signals.
-Automatically switch and display the view from rear view camera when the car is placed in the reverse. Mute radio for listening the parking sensors.
-Automatically switch and display the view from front view camera for 20s when the gear was changed from reverse to forwarding.
-Automatically switch and display the main CID screen for viewing the caller’s name (Opel Phone car kit).
-Configuration for a reverse camera which does not render "the image in the mirror"
-Low Power consumption during video processing.
-Down the consumption of the battery while the CID-controller displays the image or when the CID is turned off.
-Automatic scanning and storage of video input with video device attached.
-Factory reset: restore image parameter to factory default.
-Multi-functions touch sensor for selecting and configuring of video sources. Can be hidden in dash under a plastic panel.
-Control port (USB) for controlling video interface. This port provides the possibility to control the CID LCD-TFT and video interface from Front End software running on your In Car PC. The user-defined mode parameters can be configured and stored using this port as well

Video Interface Kit Part List
1. Video Interface board - new h/w revision

2. Video cable for two composite (RCA female) video inputs

3. Video cable for one composite (RCA female) and one S-Video (SVHS female) video input.

4. Control cable touch sensor signal, rear view camera signal and Telmute signal.

5. USB cable (A plug to Mini B plug) connector for CarPC control and user-defined mode.

6. Touch/proximity sensor pad

7. 30 pole flexible flat cable/ribbon cable for inside connection

8. Professional Installation Manual.

NOTE: This kit is not including the CID display. You should have the CID running in your car.

The Installation is relatively simple and does not require modification of the electrical equipment of the car. The video interface does not require any soldering and separate power. You have only to open the CID and connect the interface inside using the ribbon cable available in the KIT. The installation manual details all these steps with pictures and explanations.

The video interface board is related only to 16:9 wide CID model available in Vectra C, Signum, Astra H, Zafira B, Antara, Corsa C & D, Meriva A / Vivaro cars. It's not mandatory to have CID working with Opel CD/DVD OEM head units listed above. You may have any afer market CD/DVD. All the standard CID and head unit functions are available.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions and clarifications.


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