Motoras inchidere centralizata Ford Focus Mazda M3 Land Rover Jaguar VOLVO S40 S80

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M3 Car Door Lock Motor Central Locking Motor for

Ford Focus Mazda M3 for Land Rover for Jaguar for VOLVO S40 S80


M3 Car door lock motor Product Description:

Why need Change motor?
1. After locking car by remote control, the door won't lock properly, because the motor has gone bad, it has stopped working.
2. when the car door lock sometimes work , sometimes get stuck, or remote control can sometimes open, sometimes fixed card in the Middle,
then press the remote control several times to open; ageing motor, motor torque has become smaller, motor power is not lock pieces of gear.
3. when driving in the car, after the door lock, door locks has problem that door can be opened.

Package includes:
1pc x Car Door Lock Motor Central Locking Motor for Ford/Mazda M3 for Land Rover for VOLVO

Compatibil cu:
Ford Focus
Land Rover Range Rover
Volvo S40, S60, S80
Lexus IS

Stare produs
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Piesă auto compatibilă cu:
Ford Focus
Land-Rover Range Rover
Volvo S40
Volvo S60
Volvo S80
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