CARLY BMW Gen. III diagnoza BT Android iOS - Seria E - F - G diagnoza + codari

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CARLY BMW Gen. III  diagnoza BT Android iOS -  Seria E - F - G diagnoza + codari

This is the Original Carly Generation 3 Bluetooth Adapter for Android / iOS (Samsung, LG , iPhone, iPad...).

Carly supports all BMW-models starting ca. 1994 until today. (E- F- and G- Models for Diagnostics and Coding)

Run In-Depth Diagnostics

Know your car’s health & save money

The most loved feature and an indispensable tool for any car owner, especially with older cars out of warranty. 

Each in-depth, manufacturer-standard diagnosis gives you insight to all control units and reads all error codes and their descriptions.

Code your car to fit your needs

Unlock more safety or confort possibilities and stop annoying behavior.

It’s easy, safe and fun. All settings get saved in the back-up.

Interested which codings are supported for your car model?

Check a used car

Analyse the car before buying

Negotiate a better deal, detect fraud, see past driving behaviour, or check if there was a crash - everything without a mechanic by your side!

Perform DIY Service

Perform simple service yourself

Be independent of the workshop by performing simple DIY maintenance and service yourself.

With the Carly app, you can check and delete error codes, register a new battery, reset service intervals and much more.

Compatibil cu:
Honda Insight
BMW E36, E46, E39, X3 E83, X5 E53, Z4 E85, X1
Volkswagen Up
Lexus IS

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Piesă auto compatibilă cu:
BMW X3 E83
BMW X5 E53
BMW Z4 E85
Honda Insight
Lexus IS-F
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