Kit Interfata Scanmatik 2 PRO - J2534 PassThru SM2-PRO (PCMFlash , BitBox BENCH)

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Interfata este aftermarket , copie 1:1 dupa modelul rusesc, calitate A+ .   Include se asemenea  cablul de bench + dongle USB PCMFlash.

Dongle USB  functioneaza cu softul original PCMFlash, se pot cumpara module pe original daca se doreste.

Am inclus standard si softul full PCMFlash versiune 1.20 cu toate cele 67 de module activate.

Scanmatik 2 PRO is a professional multibrand scanner designed for diagnostics of electronic control systems of American, European, Japanese and Russian vehicles. It can be used as a J2534 device with a large number of diagnostic programs and flashers made for standard interfaces SAE J2534 and RP1210.

New features of Scanmatik 2 PRO:

  • Galvanic isolation of the USB port (with power);
  • Redesigned protection of K-lines and CAN buses on a new element base;
  • Increased speed of work via Bluetooth by about 20%;
  • Pulsed power supplies of the company’s own design (no heating, wide input voltage range from 5 to 55V);
  • Load-Dump power surge protection (when the generator is switched off on a running engine).

The widest suport of J2534-1/2 standards:

  • Supply of programming voltage (5-24V) to the OBD connector pins: 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14;
  •  AUX programming voltage output (via an additional cable).

For full suport of peripheral units on GM (GDS2) and VAZ/Renault cars:

  • An additional CAN bus on pins 12-13 running in 12H-13L or 12L-13H configuration.


The device works with a personal computer, tablet or smartphone. The software for Windows and Android are included in the package. When installing the driver (included) works with third-party software made for SAE J2534 and RP1210 standards. To connect to the adapter both USB and Bluetooth interfaces can be used (built into the Scanmatik 2 PRO adapter). The kit includes the full current version of the program (all currently available software modules): VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, Oka, ZAZ, Daewoo, Chevrolet, Ravon, Chery, BYD, Geely, Great Wall, Lifan, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, Izh, KAMAZ, MAZ, PAZ, OBD2. It works with a large number of diagnostic programs and flashers made for standard interfaces SAE J2534 and RP1210.

SM2-PRO Adapter Specifications

  • Interfaces for communication with PC (Tablet, Smartphone) - USB or Bluetooth;
  • Power supply voltage: 5... 36V from the vehicle network or USB (galvanic isolation with power supply);
  • Current consumption, not more than 350mA;
  • Pulsed power supplies of the company’s own design (no heating, wide input voltage range from 5 to 55V);
  • Load-Dump power surge protection (when the generator is switched off on a running engine).
  • Supported data buses:
    • 13 x ISO-9141/ISO-14230 (K-LINE);
    • 1 x J1850VPW;
    • 1 x J1850PWM;
    • 4 x CAN;
    • 1 x Single Wire CAN.
  • Built-in multiplexer for switching diagnostic lines;
  • The widest suport of J2534-1/2 standards;
  • Programming voltage supply (5-24V) to the OBD2 connector pins: 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14;
  • AUX programming voltage output (via an additional cable);
  • Bluetooth range, not less than: 10m (Class 2);
  • Adapter dimensions (L x W x H), not more than: 970×750×220mm;
  • Weight of the device in the basic configuration, not more than: 1 kg.

SM2 PRO Supports 67 Modules to open protocols:

Activate Licenses


Above total 67 modules, suport thousands of car brands, read and write ECU and GearBox ,power upgrade tool,clone ECU to read and write. Best chip tuning tools !

What is difference between SM2 PRO J2534 VCI And BENCH , FLASH ,OBD?

  1. Different SN number

BENCH ,FLASH,OBD . All SN number is A55259.

Actually they are the same hardware, just a different case,you also can check the PCB bord of them.

SM2 PRO J2534 VCI SN: A78370. it is different as others in the market.

  1. Different hardware version

BENCH ,FLASH,OBD hardware version is 2.21.2 . from 03.2019 year. it is old !

SM2 PRO J2534 VCI hardware version is 2.21.20 from April 14, 2022 . it is very new version . It's already updated 16 versions vs others hardware. and it was added many new functions and more stable .

What are SM2 PRO Advantages:

  1. Our hardware suport all J2534 protocol software
  2. dont need register and active device. you can work it directly . and more pay attention to protecting personal privacy .
  3. when you update your device by mistake. it will not be locked. you just come back to correct driver version to work.
  4. suport newest cars and do online programming (with online account) .for example GDS software work with 2021 year GM Buick ENVISION, 2021 year CADILLAC XT5 .we have tested online programming and working perfect!!!

SM2 PRO J2534 VCI Functions:

  1. Read and write ECU data
  2. ECU clone
  3. ECU parameter adjustment
  4. ECU maintenance engineering
  5. Chip touring
  6. Read ECU maps
  7. Checksum correction
  8. Stage1-3, gearbox tuning , LC, sportdisplay , immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off ,vmax ,swirl off
  9. Read flash and ep files
  10. Powertrain adjustment
  11. Suport online update
  12. VR files supply
  13. Pinout comewith
  14. Helpdesk and tuner account
  15. OBD2 reading
  16. Cover-free wielding-free no disassembly data reading, greatly reduce the risk of destroying the ECU, bench mode.
  17. Cover-opening data reading, boot mode

200 Newly-added Bosch MED/EDC17 Read/Write Protocols Without Opening the Cover.

VAG Simos 12.1, 12.2

VAG Simos PCR2.1


Hyundai/KIA SIM2K-240, SIM2K-241,SIM2K-250, SIM2K-251, SIM2K-260, SIM2K-305, MT86

Ford/LR SID208 Flash read

Scania EMS S8 BAM. Just 3 point PCB connection into VIA holes. Can be connected without removing gel.


MB SID307, SID310

Renault SID307, SID309, SID310

Porsche SDI21.x

Mitsubishi E6T83XXX, E6T32xxx

Isuzu Transtron SH72544R

Isuzu Transtron L4.3

Hino EDC7UC31

Hyundai, Greatwall DCM6.2AP

What program does it suport:

1.Chrysler flash application

2.GM gds2 / SPS- Ford FDRs, Forscan

3.Hino DX2

4.Honda HDS

5.Land Rover Jaguar SDD

6.Nissan consult 3+- ODIS

7.Renault clip

8.Toyota Lexus Techstream

9.Volvo Vida- Mer-cedes Benz xentry / Das

Pass thru

10.Cummins insite

11.Cummins calterm ll

12.Caterpillar et- JCB service master4

13.Volvo premium tech tool

14.WABCO toolbox

15.Eaton aer conditioning system diagnostic


16.Detroit dddl

17.Allison transmission diagnostic software

18.Noregon jpro truck diagnostic software

19.Other original software

It cannot suport CAN FD

Compatibil cu:
Hyundai H-1
Land Rover Range Rover
Lexus IS

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Piesă auto compatibilă cu:
Honda Element
Hyundai H-1
Land-Rover Range Rover
Renault Premium
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