Launch X431 EasyDiag 4 PRO DS402 - Golo 4.0 - soft Diagzone update 2 ani

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Acesta este cel mai nou si mai rapid adaptor bluetooth fabricat de Launch. Este un produs original si este cu  30% mai rapid decat ThinkDiag, DBSCAR2, Easydiag(1/2/3/ANY) sau Golo (ANY).

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Launch X431 Golo PRO 4.0 - DS402 Easydiag
Rezista între 9-18volti ( easydiag 9-15)

Soft Diagzone Pro cu 2 ani update online.

Launch Golo 4.0 PRO is the latest version of the professional diagnostic adapter from the well-known Launch line. It replaces its predecessor EasyDiag 3.0 and has a number of advantages:


Bluetooth version 4.0 - extends the range of your wireless network and increases the speed of work by 30%;

Supports all electronic components of modern cars;

Supports all special functions of resets, teachings and adaptations;

The adapter keeps voltage drops up to 18V. Launch Golo 4.0 PRO - comes with full functionality of the Launch X431 PRO3 autoscanner.

 Supports full diagnostics of electronic components, cars of the European, Asian, American and Chinese markets (over 249 brands).

Works with tablets and phones compatible with Android operating systems via wireless Bluetooth interface.


Available special functions:

Reset after replacing brake pads (BRAKE RESET);

Service interval reset after oil change (OIL RESET);

Resetting the steering angle senzor (SAS RESET);

Reset after replacing the battery with a new one (BAT. RESET);

Aer outlet from the ABS brake system (BLEEDING);

Throttle valve adaptation (ETS RESET);

Registering and deleting tire pressure sensors (TPMS RESET);

Diesel particulate filter burnout and restoration (DPF REG.);

Automatic switching on and adjustment of auto light (AFS RESET);

EGR valve adaptation (EGR ADAPTION);

Training and prescribing of the crankshaft senzor (GEAR LEARN);

Gearbox adaptation after repair (GEARBOX);

Registering and deleting immobilizer keys (IMMO);

Coding of new injectors after replacement (INJECTOR);

Changing the odometer on the dashboard (ODOMETER);

Setting up automatic opening / closing of the hatch depending on weather conditions (SUNROOF);

Body height senzor adaptation - aer suspension (SUS RESET);

Resetting airbag errors after an accident (AIRBAG RESET).

 Functional features: Reading vehicle information (identification data);

Recognition of each of the blocks and embedded systems installed on the car;

Output of information about the current performance of the units (engine, chassis, brake system, ignition, power supply, etc.);

Reading and deleting fault codes;

Reading streaming data, in digital and graphic form;

Testing the operating parameters of injectors, lampa, EGR exhaust gases, relays and valves, ABS, SRS, automatic transmission;

Display of system parameters in real time;

Adaptation and coding of the control unit can be activated;

Checking auxiliary systems for cruise control, immobilizer, ABS, aer conditioning, climate control, navigation, etc .;

View "freeze frame" data; O2 oxygen senzor test;

Tests of electronic systems and components;

Reading and decoding errors.

Compatibil cu:
Land Rover Range Rover
Mini One
Nissan Note
Volkswagen Jetta, Up
Kia Proceed
Lexus IS

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Piesă auto compatibilă cu:
Kia Mini
Kia Proceed
Land-Rover Range Rover
Mini One
Nissan Note
VW Jetta
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