Tester injectoare electromagnetic CR-C diesel common rail Bosch, Delphi, Denso

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CR-C multi-function diesel common rail injector tester tool, diesel Injector driver tester

CR-C multi function diesel common rail injector tester tool

kindly note CR-C common rail injector tester is only for electromagnetic injector


Production Introduction: 

CR-C multi function common rail injector tester  adopts Germany Imported PWM control chip that can accurately and effectively to imitate ECU drive signal for each work condition of injector. such as pre injection, emission point, full load point conditions. can drive kinds of brands . 


CR-C common rail injector tester is a easy operated tool, could do the test with the injector hand pumps. It’s small size and light weight, could meet the requires from repairman on the simple device of testing.


Package list:


1. CR-C Main Unit Machine  * 1pcs

2. Main Test Cable  * 1pcs

3. For Bosch Connector *1pcs

4. For Delphi Connector * 1pcs

5. For Denso Connector * 1pcs

6. Cable Clip connector* 1pcs

7. Fuse * 3pcs

8. Manual * 1pcs


Technical Parameters:

Produce Model:    CR-C Common Rail Injector Tester

Testing Range:   atomization, pilot, emission and full load condition.

Test Injectors:    for bos-ch, for Den-so, and for Del-phi common rail injectors.

Power Supply:   AC220V

Working Temperature:    -30C°-70C°

Size:    110*250*190mm

Adjustable Width:  10 MS

HOW to Test


    As we know driver common rail injector,not only need  a tester but also need hight pressure fuel,

so we used a manul fuel pressure pump  S60H as  show in follow picture 


1, the high pressure oil common rail injector directly or into the holder is connected to the common hand pressure calibrator.

2, according to the corresponding plug injector brand choice, will harness and injector connected up correctly.

3, according to the fuel injector brand, drive mode selecting corresponding, at this time can hear the injector solenoid valve suction armature "Pa, Pa" voice.

4, by constantly under pressure calibrator lever, provide the suitable injection pressure, the general pressure value takes 30-40MPA best, at this time can be observed on the fuel injector atomization performance.

5, through the external cylinder, can be detected on the injector fuel injection quantity and oil return.

Compatibil cu:
Land Rover Range Rover
Volkswagen Up
Lexus IS

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