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Interfata Mazda modificare KM, reparare / resetare modul airbag

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OBD2 Odometer Correct and Airbag Moduel Repair Tool
for Mazda

FOR Mazda OBD Tool, a new lightweight and friendly OBD device, is used to calibrate the instrument for all CAN-bus FOR Mazda cars from 2005 to 2015 including MADZA3/MADZA6/MADZA CX5/MADZA CX7, as well as reset the airbag/SRS for Mazda with XC236X chip.


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Compatibil cu:
Mazda CX-7, CX-5

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Piesă auto compatibilă cu:
Mazda CX-7
Data actualizării anunțului: 11 Mai 2021, 19:01