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Original Equipment Manufacture Design

Special DVD and Navigation System for Toyota Prado 2010 - 2013, Split Design. With 8 inch high resolution LCD. It is factory designed and doesn't require any modification on console.

Clayton features the biggest selection of vehicle-specific models. That does not only mean that they look OEM fit, they are also fully compatible with their specific models. No re-wiring or wire cutting is need. They are all plug-n-play.
High Resolution LCD

Each LCD has 800 x 480 resolution, and our system also supports HD rendering. We do not stretch the LD images to fit a bigger LCD. Our maps also are true 800 x 480 resolution
New Clayton products with 1024 x 768 High Definition Resolution will come soon.
Steering Wheel Control

Yes, it will remain functioning. Every button on your steering wheel, if applicable, will still work. That is the true meaning of Vehicle-Specific Design. No worries of losing your steering wheel controls.
Video output for Rear Entertainment

Clayton system supports RCA output, such as headrest monitors and roof monitors, so that everyone in the car gets to enjoy the movies or shows.
Rearview Camera

When you shift to reverse gear, the rearview camera will turn on automatically. The blind spot behind the car is greatly reduced.You can experience a safe and easy parking with this option. No more worries about kids playing around while you are reversing in your drive way
Bluetooth System

When a phone call comes in, the music or video would pause for you to have a clear conversation. When the phone is hung up, the system will resume the music or video automatically. The system also has a big and clear key pad on the screen, and also has call history inquiry.
iPod/iPhone supported with special iPod/iPhone USB output

The system reads iPod and it can browse the folders in your iPod. It also charges iPod and iPhone. When an iPod is connected to the Clayton unit, the unit will take over the iPod, so everything can be controlled on the big touchscreen. It does not read the video files in an iPod.
System Upgradeable

What can you do when you find that a new product you just purchased is not flawless? Well, most products are not flawless, but at least you want to be able to do something about it. That is what we think as well. Simply with one micro SD card, without the need of going through a laptop computer, you can easily upgrade the system as long as we release applicable updates on our website.
GPS Navigation ( Optional )

Built-in GPS Navigation System. It supports various ways of destination search and history inquires. The CPU is very fast that when you start the car, the system can pick up the satellite signals right away.
USB Drive Supported (USB connector included)

The system supports a variety of file formats, including WMA, AVI, WAV, MP3, JPG, and more. No iPod? No worries, a USB drive works as well as an iPod on any Clayton unit. It can also browse the folders in your USB devices, whether it is an MP3 player, your cell phone or just a thumb drive.
DVD and CD Changer

Of course, how can we make a great product without these basic features. Clayton units play DVD and support CD changers. The control is fully integrated on the LCD touchscreen. And don't forget that the control buttons on your steering wheel can also be used to control the playing of the discs.


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Toyota Land Cruiser

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Toyota Land Cruiser
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