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Tester injectoare BENZINA - Fuel Pump - Allsun EM276 Pressure Gauge Gasoline

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       * Size:  147x82x29mm(for main body only) 

       * Weight:  about 165g 

       * Power Supply: 12V vehicle battery  

       * Function:  diagnose injector problems to identify stuck, leaking or burn-out conditions  


       * 1 x Carriable Bag 

       * 1 x Instruction Manual  

       * Not Include Batteries 


 Operation Instruction

        * Turn off the vehicle‘s engine  

       * Connect Black / Red Clip to the Negative / Positive terminal of battery   

       * Connect pulse output terminal to the fuel injector 

       * Press the "MODE SET" key to select the desired pulse mode 

       * Press the "PULSE" key, the tester will output pulse to the injector, and then the pulse signal

         indicator will light as indication  


      Explanations for 4 modes

       * Mode 1:  the tester outputs 1 pulse, whose pulse width is about 250ms

       * Mode 2:  the tester outputs 50 pulse, every pulse's pulse width is about 7ms

       * Mode 3:  the tester outputs 100 pulse, every pulse's pulse width is about 3.5ms 

       * Mode 4:  the tester outputs pulse continuously at the rate of 50 pulses per about 1450ms,

                    every pulse's pulse width is about 7ms



       * The tester can help diagnose each injector individually

       * Has 4 pulse modes, and the mode 4 can help identify whether the injector is good or bad  

       * Work with any fuel pressure tester 

Compatibil cu:
Lexus IS

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